Phisher's Fishing for WoW

Standard Preface: This is a Spark Post off of something from One Among Many.

A few days ago, my friend Cait, over at One Among Many got hit by a phisher email. The email claimed that it was from a blizzard e-mail address and asked Cait to in-put her WoW info. Cait's account is safe, she didn't fall too far for it. She got lucky.

Cait opened the email, because the title scared her. She noticed a few spelling errors, and clicked on the link inside it. It prompted her to enter her information. Something didn't feel right. She stopped and closed the window.

The fact that she noticed spelling errors sent up a red flag. Then she clicked on the link. That in many ways was her first mistake, I can only sincerely hope she scrubbed the heck out of her system after clicking the link (Cait if you didn't? Update your virus scan, spyware scan, etc NOW and SCAN!). Only after everything has come up clean? Change your WoW Pass through the regular WoW site. And maybe get an authenticator? And start playing change-the-password regularly?

For the rest of us

Rule One: Blizzard will NEVER ask for your info through an email. EVER.

Rule Two: If you get an e-mail like this? Forward to Blizzard via billing@blizzard.com Its the only way they can stop it, if they know about it.

Rule Three: Do NOT click on links inside an email. Mouse over the link, and then look down at your net tray... it will say where the address is actually going.

I could have www.havebow.blogspot.com/ showing, but its actually going to a writing website I read, and if you click on it... you will not be reading me, but Mr. Scalzi. Which I don't mind if you do. He's a great author!

I use the above as a harmless example, but this is how phishers get you to input your stuff into their database and steal your characters and your hard work.

I've seen some VERY good pages in my time, with only one little thing wrong. Most people are just annoyed at having to change ANYTHING that they just want it over with and don't pay attention. Then it costs them their credit rating, their bank account, or what could have been in Cait's case, their WoW Account.

The biggest thing that will help us all... Remember Rules 1-3 and maybe this one as well...

Rule Four: Stop and Pay Attention!! I repeat PAY ATTENTION! If one little thing doesn't feel right, stop, close the window, and try and access that same window by going through the "regular" website. If you can't? Flag it as a Phisher. Even if you are wrong, its better to play safe than lose it all.

This has been Have Bow with a friendly WoW Account Safety Tip! Now, off to buy myself an Authenticator and change my password - Again.

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  1. I'm glad you posted about this. More and more people should be aware.

    I opened the link at work (where I haven't logged into anything with any password other than to turn on the computer in the morning), so all good there.

    I really hate that there are people out there that make a living by stealing Warcraft accounts.