Iron Buckles... Blah

Well, my current hunter is stalled at 195 leatherworking due to iron buckles. I need buckles to progress... no seriously, its the cheapest thing out of all the other potential money sinking resources. Threw the iron in the guild vault. It will be turned into buckles for me to pick up tomorrow by one of my guild's black smiths, who I can't thank enough!

Kora hit 45 tonight, so I went and threw on the boots I had waiting, fumed over the fact that I'm still using a leather of the falcon (level 33) head piece because I can't find anything in mail... or rather anything I will actually PAY FOR. I'm sorry, inflation bloody well sucks.

I will not pay 10g for a level 42 of the falcon headpiece. Its not worth 10g. And before somebody quotes "an item is worth whatever its purchaser will pay" (yes Myst, I've heard that quote way too many times from Civ 4), I won't pay that price, most people I know wouldn't pay that price. So, its not worth that price. I will agree that good hunter gear is hard to find, especially when in competition with shaman, but I still think this is stupid pricing.

Oh, I paid 4g+ for 10 iron bars (yippy inflation) if I'd had my paladin over here... I'd have gone, mined the iron myself, made it into buckles, and mailed them to Kora. But, still waiting... it'll be April before I can move her over. Tonight just re-enforced again how much I want my paladin over on WRA. I can wait, I supose.


  1. BLAH!!!! If I'd known you'd wandered off to buy those before hand.... I had iron on- Oh nevermind. Ask me before you purchase mined goods. My DK is a miner and I will ALWAYS help a friend if I have the means to do so.

  2. That's what you get for server bouncing. :p If you'd actually played Tzia over on Deathwing, you'd be raiding Naxxramas and be crazy overgeared like me. :p

  3. Well....

    Ticalos would have been happy to give you the iron buckle hook up. All you got to do is send me a message of what you need.

    Just so you know I over 400 on BS so I'll look at my inventory and see if there is anything that might interest a hunter of your caliber. :)