All My Bags are Packed...

Well, its moving time for me, here in the Real World and in the World of Warcraft. I've spent most of today doing nothing but putting things in boxes, loading those boxes into the van to come back and pack more boxes. And wait for my husband and his best friend to get back so I can load those boxes into the van. Then repeat the entire process over again.

My husband and I found a cheaper apartment that is closer to campus and work... and oddly enough, is far larger than our current place. So, we took the day off from work and have been scrubbing, cleaning, herding cats (much easier than politicians- you can pick up a cat), and boxing things up to move. I'm at the old apartment tonight, since we still have 'net here, and don't yet over at the new one. That will be up and running Monday, I hope.

On the WoW side of things, I've moved my 73 hunter Tzia over to Wyrmrest Accord. My 65 Paladin will soon follow. I knew I shouldn't have pulled her out of the que. Ah well, live and learn. I'll take her on a quick mining loop of EPL for Thorium, and then stuff her back in the transfer line.

With my paladin's move off Quel'dorei this signals something significant. Dione, as she was known on QD is my last high level character that everyone knew. With her transferring, I leave QD behind completely. I will probably leave my Blood Elf hunter there, just in case I want to log in and poke certain people (Elin, Rivey, or Dutchess) to say hi and chat for a bit.

But, aside from the three people I listed? There is nothing left on that server for me. My characters might as well be in a guild with a lot of people I enjoy playing with. The door is always open,for old friends to drop in and say hi.

My home is the Horde, on Wyrmrest Accord. You can reach me @

c/o Bloodriver
Horde Faction
Wyrmrest Accord, USA


  1. Welcome to Wormrest Accord !!! I too have a hordie there....no transfer. I usually play Ally...on Eitrigg. I got bored with that so I started a Hordie on WA....it's a whole new game for me...starting up a nub hunter. The name is Axegore and I will soon be taming the white lion in north Barrens. I like the blog so far...thank BRK for sending me over!! :) Peas out! :)

  2. Hey ben, we'll see you around WA hopefully. If you need any huntering tips just hit up Tzia ...or if she's busy you can ask Niqora of the blog Petoholics Anonymous...or me...but I'm a rusty hunter. Only now am I getting back into the swing of it.

    That's awesome that you and the hubby got a cheaper, larger place, Tzia. Next week should be a net-filled less stressful week as I'm sure there will be less to move and unpack by then...

    Unless you're like me...

    ...no that is not a box of books on the stairs still...one year later...NO...it's just for...decoration. Yes, I realize it takes up the entire landing...