3.1 Hunter Patch Notes

I got these notes from another website, via my PA guildmates. Romeo linked the blog, I went over, took a look at the notes and started laughing.

Here are the notes in screen shot form, with a mild bit of editing on my part.

And, I'll just import what I said from the PA forum, since I said it all there...

I'm declaring Spoof now.

I'm sorry, I looked at some of this and there is no way in [I]Hades[/I] that hunters will be getting this. No. Its TOO much. (And I am a BM hunter!)


• Mortal Shots: Critical strike damage bonus increased to 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%.

I haven't seen Blizzard do a straight 10% each way increase in ages.

• Beastial Wrath: Duration increased to 20 seconds.
• The Beast Within: Duration increased to 20 seconds

OVERPOWERED. We'd power through three-four people every two minutes, no questions asked.

• Readiness: Now works with Beastial Wrath.

They just removed this. Add it to BW changes, again- Overpowered.

• Exotic pets can no longer be dodged or parried.

Pets can be dodged, blocked, and parried. I've died because of this before.

So, just flag this as a spoof... however... and this is with a giant let's-build-a-dam dump truck load of salt, if this comes in as it stands? Hunters will be getting an incredible nerf bat/hotfix from Hades as soon as any other class sees those notes.

Note: Apparently WoWInsider published this, which is where Romeo, yes it was Romeo's blog, I later found out, took them from. But... haha! At least he gave me something postable. Thank you Romeo and PlayerAlliance!


  1. Yeah, I gotta call spoof on that. The day my spirit beast receives no effect from bosses is the day everyone re-rolls hunter because we'll be way OP.

    It's funny to imagine though.

  2. That was a good laugh. My sides hurt now, darn you. :)