Hello World.

Yes, it was the first C++ Program I ever did. No, that is not what this post is about. This post is about the fact that my Horde characters on Moon Guard packed up their shiney swords, scuffed armor, and helped crate mini pets and larger ones alike... and moved to Wyrmrest Accord.

That means that Koratria, Casavel, and a new paladin named Rheannon moved. Moon Guard is nothing but Alliance again. So, I have space available for a DK alliance side on Moon Guard again. Will I create one? I'm not sure. I mean, I do like my DKs and the starting area is always enjoyable for me... but I'm not sure where I'm playing.

I'll probably play on WRA atm, since I'm enjoying the guild-mates I have there, and the XFire outside convos are really cracking me up, since 90% of the time the people talking in XFire are also the only ones in guild. Why we don't use Guild Chat... I have no clue, but we don't.

I think an acutal sense of community again will keep me on WRA. I swapped to horde side to say hi to Niqora, but ended up staying around. I have a level 32 hunter, a 60Death Knight, and a level 6 paladin. The paladin is something I'm dabbling with, again, since I can't move Dione over to WRA. If I could, she'd be off QD and on WRA in a heartbeat. If the oppertunity ever presents itself, and Rheannon isn't 65+ by that time, I will transfer Dione.


  1. Keep me posted on this new server... im still looking for a guild for my toons horde side. QD is dead and dalaran is a ghost town.


  2. How's the lag and what not over there? Quite a few larger guilds moved over and I'm wondering if Blizzard created an instantly "high" population server.

    Is the economy stable yet or are prices outrageous at the moment? Or...is there just not much on the AH yet as it is?

  3. Once again, I want to voice how thrilled I am that you are enjoying WRA and Bloodriver.

    Hehe, sometimes I wonder the same thing about xfire.... why are we.... then I just shrug and chuckle and then you or niqo or lin or shurgy or what have you promptly crack me up.

    To the poster above me, I'd like to say, frome what I've noticed, prices are a bit high on some things, but I've seen the stabilizing at least in the way of herbs and metal lately to something similar to MG for my smithy and my alchy, so I think trade goods, at least, are starting to settle in.