I Live in a Church . . .

And I don't sleep with voodoo dolls. I'm building a priestess. I know, I know, hunter going priest... wth right? But, Kes did it, and some how managed to succeed at it! However, unlike Kes, this character will not become a main. I'm rolling this priestess to play with my guy and a friend of ours... the same one from /facepalm. We want a little RP questing group. For said group, I will be DPS. That means one build, and only one build will work: Shadow.

RP Storyline
Some would call her a Shadow Priestess and claim she was evil and twisted. I prefer a Night Priestess, still serving Elune, just carrying out her duties in a way that does not follow Her Silver Light. A Night Priestess works during the Dark Moon, severing wandering spirits' anchor to this world and setting them onto the path to the Goddess. So that the Lady can set worthy spirits as stars in the sky. This is the main focus of the Order, with a few other duties sometimes called for when needed: such as divination, mediums, and occasionally forcibly bringing the peace back to Azeroth. No, this is NOT your mother's Priestess of Elune.

This is what my Night Priestess will be doing while grouped with a Druid and a Dwarf Warrior. All characters reside in the Moon Guard Dimension of the Warcraft Universe. The warrior has graciously (my words not his) granted us the use of his sword arm and sheild. The druid has consented to become a tree from which I can hang pretty ornaments and allow any one's pet cat or bear shade... and for the cats a convenient scratching post. ^_^

This group will eventually get underway... when The Guy and I are not doing alternate shifts at work that is. So far every time we've tried to set something up either he or I are working at an odd time for the other, or our third party member has college classes. We will get this worked out eventually... I know we will.


  1. Careful, my dear: Osprey was never, EVER intended to be my main. Until he became my main. :p

    Good luck with the priest, and you know where to go for tips.

    (Yep: Ego & Matt, not me.) :D

  2. I'm kind of sad that it didnt work out :(. Get a hold of me on Crivera some time.