/facepalm sums it up nicely

Oh believe me, it does. One of my long time friends from Chens Champions has joined me over on Moon Guard, playing alliance no less. He was debating on rollinge either a paladin or a priest... I told him to go with paladin, as the armor would provide a bit more protection against everything except magical and the bubble would handle magic... he went paladin, a draenei to be specific.

I first rolled a human warrior to keep him company, then remember that draenei can be warrior, so deleted the human, rolled a draenei, then The Guy suggested shaman, so I deleted the draenei warrior and rolled a draenei shaman. So far its pretty fun. We are waiting on my guy to catch up with a druid.

Anyway, before The Guy got into our little playing group, Mr. Paladin and I were talking in party chat about making cash quickly and he started in on how he was picking up mining with the gold average price for a stack of copper at about a gold each.

Just read what followed:

Right after that was taken I threatened to post it to the blog. Unfortunately I don't have time stamp on my chats... if I did, you would have seen a time lag between the comment about mount cost and the paladin statement... it was at least 30 seconds. I didn't have time to type out the obligatory, "Um, hon, you are a PALLY." before he caught his mistake.

I'm being nice and blanking out the name... if he wants to comment, he's more than welcome to. And yes, my shaman is named Ember. Seemed fitting.

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