Hello Core Hound

Well, I'm posting this just after logging out. I'm sitting in Stillpine Hold, waiting on a hearthstone cooldown, but I've got my puppy of doom. ^_^ Thank BRK for the nickname. I'm just waiting on Blizzard to take away the BOOM, BOOM sound when it walks. Impact term was nice when the thing was trying to eat me, but now that its my pet, I don't think it should do that. I mean, really, it will get aggravating and fast... just like a croc sounding like a broken vacuum. Its the reason I've never had a croc for very long... would use them only to learn a skill then toss them. I can't stand the raspy rumble they make, and the growly sound of the green and orange Core Hounds annoys me already.

I mean, I could hear an orange one last night while I was doing dailies. I took my headphones off while it was around because it was aggravating me, and I'm a hunter! I can't imagine how well the other eight classes are handling thirty core hounds in Org or in Shatt at ALL TIMES... they've probably perma-killed their sound for the time being. And I don't blame them.

My pup will be perma-stabled until Blizzard fixes the sound issues, or even, maybe, pretty please with sprinkles and a cherry on top of hot fudge and caramel we get a pet sound toggle? I'd love to be able to have a toggle that went:

Pet Sounds
- On/Off Group
- On/Off Player

With the second one being available to all players, so if they were annoyed by any pet sound (flap flap comes to my mind) they could just turn it off individually.

That way I could kill whichever pet sounds drive a group batty but still hear my cat if I so desired. I'd have core hound set to off on both.

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  1. Was just reading over your blog, and glad to see another college student who is a Hunter <3

    I whole heartedly agree, and I too have had the "perma-stabled" corehound until the sound is fixed issue. XD