Good bye Truffles

Yes, you heard me right. I've decided that I'm letting go of Truffles. I'm a full BM Spec 51/10/0 atm, and loving it. Ruka is doing dailies with me. I'm testing out a turtle, and so far? The turtle I grabbed out of Hillsbrad - after visiting the Dalaran Crater - worked very nicely against the level 65-67s I threw it at. Good lil tanker pet. :D The turtle needs to be the right color, named, and leveled before I take it out with me.

I'll be taking Truffles back to the Portal to Outlands and releasing him there. Truffles served me well, and deserves to go home, find a nice sow, and settle down. Thanks for the good memories lil one.

Once I do that, I will be headed back over to Azuremist and grab the Kurken as my Exotic. I will NOT be running around town with that thing. Believe me. I respect my fellow WoW players too much. That and the screen shake annoys me as much as it does them. Once that has been fixed? You'll probably see me with a Kurken out.

Oh, I found a bar mod that lets me do everything I wanted from Trinity. Its called Dominos and works with Fubar! And if you didn't know? You wouldn't be able to tell the difference between my old mod and the new one... I love it when stuff like that happens.

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