Brief WoW Break - Til Sat!

I think I might end up taking a break from WoW until the Weekend. Reasons:

1) Work. I'm closing tonight, my feet are going to kill me.
2) Opening I think on Friday (need to check my schedule).
3) Major Patch = Major, major -did I mention major- glitches.
4) Major Patch also = server instability.
5) I don't have a combat bar mod yet. Default is annoying me!

I'm working without ANY mods right now. Not having Fubar & guildfu is rather unsettling while being on Moon Guard. I have no clue who in the guild is on. I want my Fubar back, but I want to be able to see chat... *grumble*

Well, see you all on Saturday!

P.S. For The BoomChicken: I have the permanent Polymorph Friend spell. You are a pink flamingo and I'll level you later.

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  1. I know.. Sas txt'd me while I was at work to make sure I knew this.