Add-On Hell

Well, its time to try and figure out add-ons after Blizzard has cheerfully gutted most of my old ones. Fubar works, yay! Trinity does not... Booo! And from Pike I know that SCTD works, which is a relief. And I know, from talking to the BoomChicken, Diamond Threat Meter still works, so that's one less mod I have to chase down. The BoomChicken will be getting his Pink Tallstrider as soon as I figure this pain in the neck out... I gotta have a bar mod first. Default drives me batty.

I know I want:

- Diamond Threat Meter
- Fubar
- A Combat Bars Mod (No Bartender please?)
- PetEmote
- Hunter's Helper
- Bag Mod
- Opium
- Deadly Boss Mod

And I will probably find a few more after a while. But for the most part the major, major one I want is a good solid bar mod that allows me to set my stuff up the way Trinity did. ie This thing has to let me move things around and then lock it down how I want it. That's the only thing I'm asking for, everything else I can straighten out.

Feel free to give me suggestions on easy to use and easy to understand mods. I've stared at Bartender before and then wanted to kill something... I could not figure it out for the life of me. I hate major patches. Gotta give mod designers a day or three to figure out how to fix what Blizzard broke.


  1. Honestly, Bartender is the way to go. Now to find out if BT4 will work, or if I have to try to see if BT3 will work instead.

    If all else fails, I can come over and show you how to set up BT. I know once you understand it in the slightest, you'll wonder why you couldn't get it in the first place, and fall in love with it.

  2. Sadly, the "old" SCTD will not work, you will have to go out and download a newer version of it.