PetEmote... oooh!

I finally downloaded that mod. So far I love it! Now all I need to figure out is what to name my wolf. I've got grouped friends saying they are seeing Tzia's Wolf Wolf yips happily. Or something vey similar. But I'm loving this, its making my pet even more personal. I tested this with Misha and it seems pet family specific.

I've always had a major affinity to my pets. I can name almost every pet any of my hunters have ever had (the only one that I can't remember for the life of me is Yazmin's Rake). Over nine hunters I've had a total of twenty five pets. I can't wait to see what Pet Emote does when paired to my baby girl, Ruka. It almost makes me want to put (MG)Tzia on the back-burner for a lil bit and go run a Heroic with a PuG on Quel'dorei... almost. (MG)Tzia hit 46 last night. I should really try and get her to 50 with her as yet un-named wolf... gah. Naming always has to be difficult. Guess its time to pop over to Petoholics and see what our lovely hunter has for suggestions... and to see if she's finished typing out all the ones I gave her at one point - and perhaps suggest more!

I think she needed silly names for Tallstriders, or something like that... I've got a few in mind. If you haven't checked out her Pet-o-licious Namerator yet? Do so! I know I'm going to! I'm stumped for names right now!


  1. I've had various names for the wolves I've had before, but the two that seem to stick with me are Ember and Timber. I like them. Good luck finding your wolf's name!

  2. Thanks for the mention and congrats on the ding! I got your message on Niqora the other night and fixed up the Namerator at that very moment! Thanks for giving me the heads-up on it, I wouldn't have even known otherwise. I hope it helps you in getting your wolfie friend a name. :)