Kovani of Deathwing

[Note to Self: Get screen shot of Kovani and her hyena, Varuna]

As those that frequently read know, I have a bit of a hunter obsession. At last count there are nine different hunters, on five different servers. Not all hunters are listed in the Too Many Hunters panel to the right. Some are alts that I haven't picked back up in a while, others are just gathering dust, or were part of a BRK event. I will do a posting on each of my hunters that are on the Too Many Hunters list, eventually getting through everyone, and writing Tzia of Quel'dorei last.

My Deathwing Hunter, Kovani is doing something a bit different from all the others... she's going to have a Hyena as her perma-pet. Now, if she gets into raiding, I might consider picking up a DPS pet (like a raptor), but no kitties, or piggies for this little BM Orc.

I've already gotten a few strange looks at having a hyena, and had advice discounted - just because I have an odd pet at my side. Then there was the hunter that tried to tell me to go get a cat. He was kindly thanked, but told no. I want something odd. I hate flapping stuff, so a carrion bird or bat was out of the question. Ditto for a flying snake (aka wind serpent).

The Guy has a wolf on his hunter, we were originally going to pair two hunters and see how well we could destroy Azeroth... instead he's going with his 'lock and Blueberry, Kal'thyk; or his Loud Mouth, Lazrot.

Chaos is the rule of the day right now with these two. His lock has just hit 18, Kovani is a little behind at 17 and needs about 2k more xp to get to 18 and new abilities. As I said earlier, BM Orc Hunter. This is going to be a departure from my usual MM leveling spec, and The Guy and I are going to be perma-grouped. This is Deathwing after all (Deathwing is a PvP server)!

So far, we've cleared camps with a mix of DoT, DoT, FEAR, wand, concussive Shot, Arcane Shot, Hyena-Rip-Mob-to-Shreds-As-Everything-Else-Runs-Away. And then we loot everything, which is spread over half the available area, some up trees, others burried in hills, and somebody -somehow- is floating in mid air... was there a mine there earlier??

We did Guns of Northwatch tonight, and picked up the Escort. I wanted to shoot the friggen escortee by the time we were half way done. I'd forgotten how SLOW the guy is! Though with PetEmote triggering very close to the end of the quest, I laughed.

Kovani's Hyena Varuna yips happily.

We were literally less than a foot from the turn in point. I guess she wanted to be done with the quest too!


  1. Hyenas are awesome! How can they not be with that impish grin and the way they bounce around at your side? The next time someone gives you a strange look for having one, just remember how amazing they will be when all the pet stuff is redone and they have their own family skill. Even as they are now, I think hyenas can hold their own. ;)

  2. Hehe, so true. I wanted something diffrent, and I hadn't really tried out a Hyena before. Noticed the pet changes and so far, this little girl does very well, even taking and holding aggro away from The Guy's blue berry.