Memorable Tames: Helki

As I said in a previous post from many, many months back we have all had memorable tames, or just pets that stand out in our minds. Another one of those for me is one of my wolves. Specifically, my white wolf. I’m a big cat fan – as I’ve said before. I’m also a pretty big wolf fan, in total I’ve had four. Only one really stands in my mind. Helki.

I was level 28, in Ashenvale Forest, on Deathwing. I was hiding from a group of marauding Alliance on mounts that were trying to kill anything with a red name plate in site. Believe me; I was not happy at all. I had some temporary thing next to me that I had been using to test out the different families of pets. I am intently watching the road, knowing I’m far enough back to not be seen. I hear a growl behind me and suddenly I see blood flying and my health dropping. I flipped my camera right as I died to see, not the alliance, but a glorious white wolf covered in blood and starting in on my now lifeless body.

While I was running back to my body I stopped on the road and flipped to Petopia, I wanted to know what had just ripped out my throat… typical hunter reaction – I wanted it as a pet! I found out that I’d just been killed by a Ghostpaw Alpha. I also noted that it had Furious Howl and a new rank of Bite, so either way it was going to be a really good tame idea.

I found my wolf again, cleared every other thing that wanted to kill me from the area, ditched the temporary pet, dropped my trap. . . and died to alliance. Ahhh! Litterally that was my only comment. I ran back… and then sat there for about five minutes just waiting for the coast to be clear. I popped up, dropped the trap, tamed my wolf and then ran like hell for Splinter Tree. I got to Splinter Tree and then sat there, staring at my new companion, wondering what the heck I was going to name it.

Luckily for me, I was also playing a browser based simulation that allowed you to bred, train, and show both horses and several ‘types’ of dogs. I logged off WoW and logged into that game, found a cheap wolf for $10 in game currency, and then popped up an Imaging Program, and made myself a little image.

I didn’t tell anyone on that game that the name would be for a World of Warcraft pet, but I did toss out a two million dollar game cash prize. I got a ton of name suggestions, some of them completely and utterly stupid (its amazing what two million will draw out of the wood work) and some amazingly good.

A woman by the screen name of Embla gave me the best name. Helki : Native American for ‘to touch’. I loved it and ran with it… and I will admit for a while there I had a set of wolves… Vash and Helki. They didn’t amount to much, I’m ashamed to admit.

Here is what that Helki looked like:

I ran with Helki from 28 to 40 on the Deathwing Server in WoW, and then foolishly got rid of her. I’ve regretted that decision for quite some time, but now, I’m making up for it on (MG)Tzia. I went back at 36 and grabbed a Ghostpaw Alpha, and have named her Helki. I’m now 41 and Helki is 35.

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