Word Clouds and Cool Hunters

First off, thanks goes out to Green Hunter, who is on my notable blogs section. I was flipping through my WoW related blogs gearing up for another play session. Feel free to note the time stamp... yes, I am playing very, very early in the morning right now; or very, very late - depending on how you want to look at it.

Anyway, I hit Green Hunter's blog and came face to face with a word cloud by Wordle. I thought it was the coolest thing... so of course I had to pop in Have Bow and see what it gave me.

How cool is that?!

Now, however I'm not sure where the word Collins or Joan shows up in the blog. I've noticed the word in several different renderings of my cloud... guess I'll have to dig through my post history and see if I can uncover it.

In other news, I've created a little gadget off to the side listing my hunters... I will eventually get them linked up so that they can be tracked, if people wish to do so. As I write this I now notice I'm missing at least one major hunter off my list... my Deathwing Hunter, whom I just created yesterday.

Anyone that is familiar with my travels through WoW will remember that (QD)Tzia originally came off Deathwing and I swore I'd never go back... well guess again - I guess.

No, Tzia is not moving back to Deathwing, for one you cannot move a PvE character to a PvP realm. No, my guy is playing again. He insisted that we play on Deathwing even though I hate the sound of snapping bones and screaming lowbies with a passion (hey this IS a PvP realm). And I left because I was sick of being jumped by over-geared jerk offs, but no... if I want him to play its going to be Deathwing. Ugh. We've reached a compromise. I get whatever pet I want... no exceptions, none, nada. If I want a friggen Sporebat... I get a Sporebat. The other compromise (which was more to get me to play on Deathwing than anything) was we will be perma-grouped. He's rolled a blood elf priesty, I, as previously stated, rolled yet another hunter - this one a blood elf.

This hunter will not be a main by any means at any time in the foreseeable future. Right now she's level eight and I am foaming at the mouth... I want ten, I want my pet. The guy is currently at work, and we left them in Newbie Blood Elf Territory.
I will probably post a lil blip when she hits 10, with a screen-shot of what I hope will be her first and final pet.

Yes, if you haven't noticed yet, I can't seem to stick with one pet... even though I try my hardest. Something new and shiney always comes along... but let's see if this alt can actually stay with one pet all the way instead of jumping through five or twenty thousand before hitting 70... if that even happens.

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