Is she nuts?

This question has been asked several times by those that know me on WoW. The answer is invariably, "Of course. It's a hunter thing." I always smile at that and nod my head. There are hunters that want 'just the right pet'. No hunter of mine ever repeats currently held pets. I want a specific look for a pet, and I have the slot available? Somebody will pick up a new pet.

Diante (3x) of Quel'dorei has Armatu, the black RFK boar and Japhrimel, the black lion (Humar).

(QD)Tzia has Ruka, the Frostsaber Pridewatcher, Truffles, an Ashmane Boar; and Yikes, the Blackwind Sabercat.

Yazmin has Xavi, the brown RFK boar and Nova the white lion (Sian Rotam).

(MG)Tzia has Misha, a yellow maned boar from Westfall, and now Helki... who is the purpose of this post.

I'm nuts. I've managed to get to level 36, almost 37 with Misha. I want a Ghostpaw Alpha for my Helki... one issue... they are level 28. I've leveled up lower level pets before, cursed over it, but I've done it. See anything related to Yazmin and Japhrimel for proof!

But, I want a wolf, named Helki, California-based Native American tribal word meaning 'to touch' for reasons of sentimentality. On the original Tzia (QD) I tamed a Ghostpaw Alpha at 28 and brought it to 40 with me, then stupidly let it go. I had named her Helki. I want another one, and this one I will drag up to 70 with me by switching out the pets as I level. I know I can do it- even if it kills me.

The original Helki ran all of SM with me. It was me and the wolf, every single time I stepped into that instance. I want to try and avoid a cat... if I can on this hunter. The boar I won't side-step as a leveler, its one of the better pets out there in my oppinion for that task, but I want my wolf. And no other skin will do for me... so I guess its time for me to head off into Ashenvale, hunt down my new friend and go back to STV and start the wholesale slaughter of Mistvale Gorillas.

Why Mistvale Gorillas you ask? 1. They are not needed in any quest last I checked. 2 They are level 32-33, therefore an easy target to kill with a lower level pet. 3. They are skin-able. All around win-win situation... especially since I seem a bit stuck atm for leveling.

I hate the 30s did I mention that? Ah well, off to collect Helki and get down to business.

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