How much is memory?

I'm asking myself this particular question after playing for a few hours while over at a friend's house for the evening. He has mods that do more that I ever though needed to be done...

Bars were all over the place (never did figure out how to move them around...), and I didn't have sound. I did how-ever have an updated Omen, so when I pulled threat away from my new wolf friend (yep, grabbed a wolf out of Badlands, dumping the cat) it would flash, so I knew to click disengage/feign death and let the aggro flip back to the wolf.

Anyways, I wasn't able to glance down and check, which button was which, check which aspect I was under - no it was not in its usual spot- or even use my handly little Hunters Mark + Pet Attack Macro. It was all by memory, and muscle memory.

I realized tonight just how much of playing a hunter for 3 years off and on now, is purely memory. My primary three shots are always, always at 4, 5, and 6. 1-3 are auto attack, raptor strike, and auto shot. I got into a bit of trouble, and even without my regular mods the shots were in the right order, coming off at the right timing to rinse repeat 2-3 times before the trap broke and the extra mob landed on me.

I'll admit, I died a few times while trying to complete a quest... getting ganged up by four things, then being hit by steath - while in an inclosed space will do it every time. But I had fun, and found out that the extensive raiding (six hours solid from Midnight to Six AM) and the general goofing off I did in highly mob packed areas -- Bone Wastes >.< -- served me in good stead.

I play under pressure best. When I know that if my trap fails, somebody dies -- THAT is when I perform my best, and every reaction and shot is pin-point accurate to the very best of my ability.

I guess having good reflexes is a good thing... I get to go back and do it all again tomorrow.

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