Yaz Recap and Name My Lion!

Back to hunter. Well, Yazmin dinged 61, and I still have quite a bit of Hellfire in front of me. Playing back through it with Dione is making me realize that Hellfire, in all reality is a pretty short zone, and I may have it done before I get anywhere close to 62. All that remains is to finish up and then move on to Zangarmarsh.

I'm still having issues coming up with a name for my Sian. And since I'm having so many issues with the naming process... I guess its time for people to feel free in offering suggestions. I know the hunter community has a wealth of resources out there... I've seen it on Petopia (Mania's) Blog in the past when it comes to naming pets.

Sian Rotam is a white male lion (looks identical to Echeyakee which, if I remember right means Whitemist). Since its a male, white lion with blue eyes, please try and keep the names in that field - male. Otherwise have fun. My boar is named Xavi (short for Xavier ^_^).


  1. Thane...just a random name I thought of.

  2. Yazmin and...






    Whitemist *since the original name 'n all*