Some Days

You know the old Meridith Brooks Song? Pugging BF one day, then Ramps the next on Yazmin... let's just say that BF went much smoother.

The only one a lil bit slow in Blood Furnace was the rogue. He "intercepted" my trap target 3-4 times. The shaman I was running with got my side-tells mostly *headesk* while traps were accidentally being poisoned/intercepted by the rogue and goofing my timers up. Once we got through the message of "Trap IS Blue Square", things came off without a hitch... until we missed a stealthed rogue while I was setting a pull and it killed me, which resulted in our first full wipe.

Then the rogue disconnected and didn't come back, so we ended up calling the run at about half way... hey, we tried to work without the rogue, couldn't find anyone, it had taken my guild mate and I about an hour just to get that group together, so I'm glad we got as far as we did - even though my guild mate subbed himself out for me because he had already run the instance, they had one too many dps slots and he subbed out in favor of my having Crowd Control.

Hellfire Ramparts. Suposed to be easier than Blood Furnace. And it probably would have been if not for an idiot tank. Group makeup was a 70 Tankadin, a Holy Pally, a 70 Hunter, a Priest and Me. The Tankadin tried to tell me at 61, to drop a Snake Trap, even though I was fully capable of chain trapping. When I pointed out I wouldn't have it, he tried to claim he'd been talking to the 70, and refused to double chain trap. If both hunters are fully capable? WHY NOT?! I won't use the trap on my 70 with other hunters around if we are trapping things, because I'm pretty sure the snakes poison, which would goof any other hunter's trap target up.

Wouldn't suprise me if it weren't annoyed stress but my eyes started bugging out after a few pulls, litterally not wanting to focus on the computer screen. My DPS dropped way off, because I wasn't seeing correctly and after we managed to down the first boss the hunter and the tank announced they had Kara and had to leave. I hit Alt F4 and shut my computer down.

When your eyes don't want to see right, which makes you question where your mouse is, what your shot rotation is actually doing (fingers were over one too many for the rotation to work), and your send pet macro targets the wrong thing... its just time to get off the computer.

I'll save Blood Furnace and Ramps for another day I guess. Maybe I won't have to deal with dimwitted 70s... but maybe I should have realized that when I realized the tank was 70 and doing a "new to Outlands" instance?

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