For the Horde!

This is a spark post off Pike's over at Aspect of the Hare. I have to agree with her. Alliance doesn't have a nice catchy battle cry. With Horde its clear cut, and simple - For the Horde!

We are a tribe, a community, a family first. We stand together, and if somebody yells for help? Two or three Horde will show up to help somebody out, even if they have already done the quest, know they will get creamed by PvP, or are just in the area. We band together because we feel we must. Almost all servers are at a ratio of 2 Alliance to every 1 Horde. And some of them are even worse. We know are the under-dogs when we log into WoW. We know we have to stand together even if it means getting killed repeatedly, because that's what a family does.

When I play Yazmin on Alliance side, that sense of family is missing outside of my guildmates. My guild I know I can trust. I don't feel comfortable asking for help with Alliance - probably because when I was new to the side, and asked for some clarification on a quest I got my head almost bitten off.

When it comes to the Horde, I feel more comfortable asking for help with a tough situation, or even a Pick Up Group (scary thought, hun?) of people. Yes, we have our fair share of idiots on both sides of the Faction Divide, but I'm proud to be Horde, and yes, I do identify with Horde first. Heck, when I grabbed a shirt for the day, I pulled on my Husband's "I survived Barrens Chat" T-Shirt, looked at it and didn't bother changing.

In closing? For the Horde!


  1. Agreed! People who play the Horde just seem to band together when the going get tough. Maybe it's because it takes a certain kind of person to play the Horde races. If you think about it, it's pretty easy for most people to play something familiar like a human or an elf. More alien things like orcs and taurens might turn people off. Or maybe it all boils do to the great battle cry :)

    ...For the Horde!

  2. Yo Yazmin! How you doing? Good to see you're still around somewhere, lol. I ran into this accidentally and was surprised someone in my guild actually does blogs. Amazing! Saw a few members mentioned too =D

    Now as for this post...yup, there is a tendency for the immature players to show up and bite anyone who asks a question. I know the feeling. Is it more often on alliance than on horde, that I'm not sure about, personally speaking.

    Btw, I'm not sure if you noticed but the guild has been growing and progressing very nice recently. Kara is cleared (you probably knew that) and now we are trying to get more for 25 man. *looks at you* Trying out ZA for the time being.

    If you are ever gonna roll a druid, let me know ;)

    Zuko, GM of PW

    P.S.: For the Alliance! =D

  3. I replaced basic hunter's mark, on my night elf, with this... It casts, the mark, causes her to shout out a random battle cry, in darnassian, then sends the pet in:

    /cast Hunter's Mark() ;
    /run p={"Ash karath!","Bandu thoribas!","Tor ilisar'thera'nal!","Sin'de'aha'Zin!',"Andu Fala Dor!"};SendChatMessage(p[math.random(#p)],"SAY");

    I mention it, here, since it contains my own personalised battle cry "Sin'de'aha'Zin!" as one of the options.

    Sin'de'aha'Zin is, quite literallty, 'Blood-and-glorious-tumult': a humourous invokation of the Orcish plendge of 'Blood and Thunder!'

    Needless to say, my Troll, Tuaren and Dorf are all using variations of this, and many other hunters around my (role playing) realm - The Sha'Tar - have also adopted and adapted it to their own ends/races (I originally got it off a Dorf-bloke, on another server, and it was originally full of obscure Scottish footballing references).

    Blood and Thunder!