First off, to appoligise to anyone that has been reading Have Bow, I'm sorry! I've not been posting for over a month due to some pretty major upheavals in guild interactions on Quel'dorei, and a new MMO coming out.

World of Warcraft updates first...

Quel'dorei Updates
Chens Champions is no more. We lost one of our officers as well to Silvermoon Tradesmen. Good luck Rivey and all the rest, may you have more luck with SMT than you did with us! Know that we are always here still, even with all the changes, and grats on the Gruul's kill!

Even though CC is gone, we are not completely lost. We have reformed as Damage May Vary on Quel'dorei... I will be updating my own profile on Tzia to reflect the changes. Tzia is no longer an "active" character, she's been shelved in favor of a warrior- Divera and another hunter- Diante.

With DMV having come up as a re-formed guild, and a bit of unintentioned drama - which I will not go into - I've been pretty busy recruiting right left and center. I seem to spend about 30-40% of my time on WoW now recruiting for the guild, since I am the officer that is on the most, and therefore recruit pretty heavily. Went from 12 unique members to 45. I'm happy, we stand at 61 members with alts, and we can only grow.

I still want to raid, but with the re-form, we were put back into starter stages and bringing people back up. I can more than level Divera up to tank for a guild, I want to try it, I've seen raids and instances as a hunter and am almost sick of doing them from Tzia, Divera ought to give me a change.

Echo Isles Updates
Yazmin is still level 61, she's half way through 61 after my last little bout of logging in to advertise a radio station that ties into the OTHER MMO I'm occasionally playing... more on that later.

I did come up with a name for my lion - Nova. Think blinding white star :) So he's taken care of Nova the white lion, and Xavi the boar. Those will be my two pets on EI for some time to come, and if I actually have the time to play with Phoenix Wrath, I will. Sounds like ZA is their current area of play.

Other MMO
Yes, I did mention that I'd been also poking at another MMO. That MMO is Pirates of the Burning Sea. Great little game set in the age of sail. I've got a Naval Officer and a Privateer on the Kidd Server, Spanish Nation. Viva la Espana!

Its slower paced than WoW, I actually have time in the middle of battle to decide which shot type (bar, round, chain, stone) to use before the other ship closes on me, or I can force the engagement early by sailing directly into the roar of cannon-fire and going broadside to broadside with a ship twice my level and fire power. I'm having a blast (litterally) with the game, and got to see two major pvp engagements at a 17 privateer. Two port battles under my belt, and I want to do it again!

I'm having fun, can be found on the burningsea forums (http://www.burningsea.com)as Tzia. I believe I have my Naval Officer listed. If you want to check out the game? GO KIDD! GO SPAIN! We need a bit of help ... no seriously, we are the 2nd least populus nation, and the least populus one - France - is steam rolling the map currently. They also have the very first First Rate Ship of the Line (biggest ship in game) under the command of one of their people... that's 102 guns a deafening roar when it goes off right next to you and sends your poor lil ship to the bottom of the sea. :D (Havana port battle... soo dead, but soo much fun!)

We have a branch of DMV over at Pirates, Kidd, Spain. Society Leader is Andre Deloc. Most of the time, I'll be on Quel'dorei on WoW, since I'm leading DMV over there. I occasionally pop on to see how he's doing, sink a few Pirates, French, and Brits, then go back to WoW.

"Booty Island Radio, shaking your sails and rocking your booty!"
Now, as for what I'm listening to while sailing the high seas, or trying to bring down the Fel Reaver in Outlands is booty.gamingradio.net. Yes, its a net radio station, but I love it. One of my guildmates in both Pirates and WoW is a DJ on Saturday nights from 0100 - 0400 GMT. I've usually got it running behind the games I'm playing, and the music is so varied and the djs have me laughing half the time even as I just got squashed by the Fel Reaver for the fourth time that night, or an Hijos Verdaderos has just dragged me into a fight I cannot win and have to turn my hull away from the wind, into green and RUN.

I may start posting more... let's hope... I'm playing WoW still, with an occasional dip into Pirates when my guilds have driven me a bit too batty and I just need to be a regular member without a lot of decisions on my head for a bit...


  1. Great to have you back. I'll be looking forward to seeing some more great posts from your side ;)

    Svo @ Ghostlands EU

  2. I played Pirates of the Burning Sea in beta. In fact they even sent me an awesome shirt for participating in a helpful thread in which they felt was the epitome of "community." It says "Getting Booty since 1720" with their logo on it. :)

    I hope they do well. They went out of their way and made a unique game so different than anything available.