AoE Prot Pally + Shaman w/ Windfury Totem

All I can say to this is HOLY CRAP! My guy and I (Yes somebody is back playing a shaman ^_^) were killing demon-spawn pigs while in Hellfire last night. I was on my paladin, he on his newly transferred Shaman, and he had a brilliant... well, what if I - moment, dropped a box around me, gave me a minimum of 1.5k threat and then started going to town on a three pull of pigs. It was completely nuts, and I think we managed to drop a tertiary target before the main one died.

Now, yes, he's in crappy, largely pre-outlands gear, is the melee shaman spec, and had the two handed staff from one of the first quests in outlands, plus being Salvationed = I'm trying to learn HOW to tank still! But things were going down faster than I've ever managed before on Di. Now, its not nearly as fast as Tzia can pull something down, but its hyperactive enough to be extremely fun... and at this time, extremely overpowered!

Windfury totem procs + Reckoning Procs + Consecration + Holy Shield = things dying very, very quickly. I'm absolutely loving this. All I need to do now is get him geared up and then things ought to really take off!

And a special thanks to an orc hunter on Ysera, who linked me a great Tankadin guide. It was exactly what I was looking for!

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