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This is a spark post coming off my Blog Azeroth one. If you've read that one, you are probably wondering... why is Tzia looking for a Tanking Pally blog? Well... okay, minor confession time. I have a 62 Blood Elf Paladin on Quel'dorei as well. Her name is Dione. She was the first major character I played on Quel'dorei. She's been an AoE Protection Build since about level 45. I tried Ret... it didn't work. I have not tried holy... nor do I want to at this time.

I want to try tanking as a prot spec paladin. I more than have the money to change out Di's gear through Tzia (she is not getting the epic flyer, no way!) so money is not an issue, but trying to figure out HOW to tank is. I've only ever seen one paladin tank pull it off from the perspective of a hunter... well... I guess I shouldn't say that, Anolle on Quel'dorei was my introduction to Paladin Tanking. Dimelos on Echo Isles is another major example. Now? I want to try it on Dione!

The problem arises in the fact that Anolle is about as explanitive as a well... box of rocks. He just doesn't seem to be able to tell me how he does it. I'm fine with that, some people just aren't able to explain how they do what they do. I haven't tried Dime yet for explinations, but seeing as Di is Horde Side, Quel'dorei and he's Echo Isles (Yazmin's Server) and Alliance... its not like I can easily ask a question of him when I run into trouble.

No, I need a good paladin tanking blog where I can sit down, drink my coffee / have ramen and just read then practice it. I've already got my amazing and wonderful guild priest from QD willing to let me drag her into LStrat or DStrat (or heck both!) and attempt to tank, without killing an entire group as I learn the ropes. Believe me... Elin could more than yank away threat as a geared out 70 priest.

This does not mean that I won't be playing Yazmin, but I feel I need to get back to QD a bit more, so that the guild doesn't burn anything down while I'm away... believe me, I've got guild members that probably would if I handed them a lighter and a bit of charcoal. :p

So now, all I need is a good blog that explains the how to, the spec, and the gear... shouldn't be too hard to find... I hope.


  1. http://www.theoryspot.com/forums/theory-articles-guides/33167-new-paladin-tank-guide.html

    i read your blog, figured this might help. written by a friend of mine, she's one of the best paladin tanks out there.
    orc hunter/ysera/horde

  2. http://maintankadin.failsafedesign.com

    This is almost all the information you should need for your pally tank. It is a forum for tank pallies run by tank pallies.

    Rinuk - 70 Tank Pally - Drenden US
    Dosan - 70 Fury Warrior - Drenden US