Yet Another Hunter

I got bored last night and rolled another horde hunter on another server. I used my regular name. I'm an Orc over on Thorium Brotherhood (US). I decided to roll a character over there to play along with some great people I met while playing Pirates of the Burning Sea. That, and its the only PA WoW Guild left, I do believe.

Last night, while I was trying to figure out which pet I wanted (went with an orange tiger finally) and am now over in the Ghostlands to try and catch up to a guildie... or at least get a little ahead, since I have to work tonight and will lose three hours of leveling time.

I will let everyone know once I've figured out a name for the pet. Right now all I know is its male. We shall see... and I will have a story written for her, as Thorium Brotherhood is an RP realm.

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