Happy New Years!

Another year has come and gone here at Have Bow. I hope it was a good year for you. Looking back, this year has been a bit crazy, with several moves for a number of characters and for myself even. I've changed servers at least twice so far. Even though Tzia remains on Deathwing, I find myself playing more and more over on Moon Guard, more than likely because I know people there.

We, as a community have seen Death Knights and Wrath arrive on our doors. Most of us have tried our hand at the class and at Northrend itself. I find myself more amused with Death Knight than anything else. My main DK sits on Moon Guard, a level 60. I'm kinda playing a hunter and a shaman off and on lately to play with friends or give myself a break when the DK begins to annoy me.

May you all have a good up coming year! I'm off to play the Death Knight again.

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