Run For Ezra

Well, we ran for Ezra, got past the Arena in Stranglethorn before BRK was told by the GMs to cease and desist or face a ban. We were kinda mini crashing the server. ^_^ So, we didn't even make it to Stormwind. But it still showed me that we managed to do something pretty major! Over 500 cows in the guild Run For Ezra.

I managed to get my Tzia up to level 11, and had a black wolf named InEzrasHonor. I especially loved the tabard that somebody in guild created. If I can, I may be changing a guild tabard for one of my guilds to that particular look... maybe.

My only advice after watching this? If you do a massive run? Turn off Addons and dismiss all pets, combat and otherwise, that's one less thing for the game to load. Do not yell or talk as much as possible... less data to load.

And another bit of advice... figure out what is the lowest population server out there... seriously, the LOWEST ONE... and use it for stuff like this... we may die a number of times, however, we will not crash the server.

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  1. i think this was a great way to honor this kid. this is a multimillion dollar company the should be able to make a server stable enough for this. i say we honor this kid, do it again. long live king ezra.