Ding 30!

Well, its a Ding 30 moment for another Tzia on another server. This one is Alliance, on Drenden - BRK's home server. I originally rolled the character just to say hi to BRK, which I did... but then the server sucked me in. Leveling is sooo addictive! And, because its a PvE realm... I can quest to my little heart's content without the ugly prospect of stepping outside a home zone and getting my lovely ears chopped off by marauding bands of trolls running through the trees.

I also managed to get my mount tonight, after a 2nd gnomer run. Got my Triprunner Dungarees in an all guild run of 2 hunters, a priest, a warlock, and a druid. We only had one death... the warlock. Sorry Tomo! However, the priesty rezzed our warlock and we continued on.

I'm happy, I'm almost to level 31. Level 32 means one thing.... Gorilla Time! I've heard everyone else jabbering like monkeys about one, so I've got to test it out. I figure this hunter is the best because she only has one major pet : Helki, the Ghostwolf Howler (looks identical to the original Helki of Deathwing). I can stable her and take out a gorilla for a test drive. And if I don't like it, well, Helki will be ready to go wherever I lead her.

Ah well, tomorrow calls for lots and lots and lots of dead animals: skinning practice and I need to level up my leatherworking... my chest piece needs an overhaul and there's no way I can afford the stupidly ridiculous prices that are being charged on the auction house. Ah well, path set, 32 on the horizon with a white gorilla. All in all, a good night.

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