Have Bow Again, Still Traveling

I've got a confession to make. Ever since a run in Heroic Trial of the Champion where the Black Knight dropped True-aim Long Rifle, I've been using it. So, it really hasn't been "Have Bow" for at least a month. All my guild mates knew I was grudgingly using a gun. I wanted a bow back, but none had dropped that were better than what I was using.

Last night, that swung back. Ran a Normal Mode Halls of Reflection with a very nice group of people, and Crypt Fiend Slayer dropped. I was so happy. I immediately flipped back to the arrows I'd been using from when the gun had dropped in HToC. I also blew most of my Triumph Emblems last night, picking up the mail triumph helm. It was an across the board improvement except in the fact I lost 44 crit strike rating. Yet switching back to bow gave me a percent of crit, and a Crit Scope made up for that loss. So in the long run I'm back to where I should be, and I'm still missing the Agi + Crit Meta gem.

As far as still traveling goes, I've rolled a hunter over on Nessingwary to play with other Petopians. So far I'm enjoying it immensely, when I'm not playing Tzia that is. Baby blood elf hunter with a white bear and a snow leopard, both from Dun Morogh. I'm loving the bear, haven't tried one before this, and now I'm wondering why I waited so long, aside from the fact that bears really weren't in ready supply when I first started, nor were they all that good....

Ah well, bear + bow = traveling hunter.

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