Ding 80 Paladin

Yep, you read correctly. Casavel is a level 80 paladin with 539 Def. She's just a point shy of being able to go directly into raiding. I'm not looking to raid with her just quiet yet, to be honest. All I want to be able to do right now is learn the heroic fights. Heroics will give me better gear... still wearing mostly Tempered Saronite.

I've been looking forward to 80 on Cas ever since Ticalos stopped playing. I had said, when he started appearing less and less in game that I would try and step up Cas' leveling and become the tank for the guild. In that time we've gotten another DK 80 that is willing to tank, and Vel is a Prot/Healy(Holy) dual spec. We have the tanks, and now Cas can be added as one more. I am willing to stand as a tank for Bloodriver, when we need it, or when Carpe Jugulum or The Unsung need a tank, and Shava isn't around on her 80 Paladin.

And, I have found out under a priest and a paladin healer (haven't worked under a shaman or druid extensively enough yet) to know I can handle anything that comes my way. If my healer is good? I'm good to go. I can handle moronic DKs, idiot hunters who don't know what threat is, and just about anything else.

I like this tanking gig I do believe. Have Shield, Will Travel too, I guess :)


  1. lol but can you handle over powered Boomkins??? Muahahahahahahahahah

    And I find as a Treekin that Pallies are a snooze to heal. So find you a good piece of wood (heck, even a trained monkey playing a Resto Druid) and you should be fine.

  2. Congrats! Now my pally will follow in your footsteps. ;)

    And I don't try to be an idiot hunter...I swear that bad pull was just a finger slip... :P

  3. Congratulations on 80. I already told you in game but once again.

    Once I get my gear back I'm gonna have to come back and tank for you all. I know I keep saying it but I owe the guild big time even more so now.