72 Paladin in Sholazar Basin - Yeah, about that . . .

Well, not much to report over on Wyrmrest Accord. Tzia is 80, has done heroics and seen Naxx 10 Man 2x and Maly 10 1x. She watched most of the Maly fight prior to the wipe from the floor... (note to self: do not follow Niqo anywhere!). Aside from that not much has been going on with the hunter.

No, I've been playing Casavel pretty extensively. She's sitting at 72, 2/3 of the way through to 73... but I've been working on her mining and blacksmithing. She's been running around Sholazar Basin quiet easily, 75-77 mobs are not bothering her a bit- she's an AoE Tankadin after all!

Just means I can manage to pull down groups of anywhere between 3-9 mobs at a time... though I have died at least 3 times when pulls went wrong and I missed a button in the rotation. Yes, these are levels 75 through 77, which is orange, orange, and RED! mobs. They hit hard, but being able to heal over some of the damage really helps... and if things get really desperate I can drop a mana potion.

I haven't seen Loque in all my mining runs though, and aside from the spot by the pillar and the one closer in to Nessingwary's I do run by all the others quiet regularly. The MapNote markers are still there, so I keep my eyes peeled. I know a few hunters that would probably like the location of the cat, and if I can make a bit of cash... well, I will need the epic flying, regular flying, epic mount, and cold weather flying all at the same time. 7k gold... ouch. She's sitting at about 2.4k though, so things could be worse.

Mining is maxed out at 450. The blacksmithing is stuck at 437. Yes, because I'm in yellow territory and need a ton of saronite to do anything what-so-ever. Its just mildly annoying. But I do have any and all gear I could want personally crafted from levels 73-78.

Remember how earlier I said if things got desperate I'd drop a mana potion... who had the brillant idea of making the potion cool downs only kick in once you were out of combat?! That kinda ends up killing me on longer fights... very, very, very quickly. Now, mind you, if Tzia had to drop a potion under the old system, either the mob died in under two minutes, or she did.

Cas would be entirely possible to last through a two minute cool down, but with the potions no longer on cool down, the effectiveness of potions has been diminished by about... oh, I'd say 90%? I'll only ever NEED five of either kind on the paladin or the hunter, because either I'm going to be dead or... dead by the time I need another potion.

No, I'm not pleased by this change. Could we just make potions only usable out of combat? I mean really... what's the point of having them anymore? Health and mana potions have largely been removed from the game... take one for each of the boss fights in an instance, and you should be peachy. Raid supply only, the same way flasks are.

Sorry about the rant... I'm just disgusted by the mechanics change. Never noticed it on Tzia because she really didn't use potions, while Cas at times was defined by that now non-existant cool down.


  1. Hey I might have some boots that Cas can use. I'll send them to you. I also have some saronite I think... I see if I can hook you up.

  2. Well, if you were still on Deathwing, I have about 300 Saronite bars that I'm slowly getting rid of via the AH, but it's going too slowly. Which reminds me, I need to go on a power grinding session to restock some Gems. blah. I hate prospecting precious ore.

  3. I know my way around pretty well anywhere in Azeroth or the Outlands. Instances...yeah, you don't want to follow me in there. I don't know where I'm going :P