Omg Its Pink!

Now, usually I have no problem with guild tabards, but I just about broke something laughing last night after I logged out of Tzia and flipped though the rest of my guilded characters on Wyrmrest Accord. My guild leader had switched out our tabard from its normal earthen and muted gold to Pink, Purple and Glaring Gold. It looked odd on Tzia, but since I have her cloak showing, I don't have to see it much.

Flipping through my roster, it looked fine on my blood elves. And that's just odd. Then I got to this:

And almost died from laughing so hard. Orc + Pink and Purple? Does not go together. God, I can't wait to see what Ticalos looks like.

Happy April Fools everyone!


  1. LOL, I'm not logging in until I hear it's changed :P


  2. @Ticalos: I heard it's not changing until you log in. /nod

  3. I would have died laughing too I saw my orc hunter in that. Thank goodness she's on a totally different server. Now I have GOT to take screenshots of all my characters in Bloodriver when I get home tonight.

    @ Ticalos and Kestrel: Actually, it's not going to change until Tic logs on AND we have a screenshot of him wearing it. Blackmail anyone? ;)

  4. Screenshot coming...just got to go home and log in tonight...No joke I just actually in real life shuddered....gave me a chill