Does Your Character Have A Soul?

The question seems simple enough. Some people would argue no it does not. Its just colored pixels, the way a warlock's pet is just colored bits of light and data. Nothing more.

I say differently. Each character I play and interact with is different, even if it shares a name with another character. Tzia is my primary moniker in WoW, everyone knows me as Tzia, the hunter. I've had my main hunter, the troll, Tzia since at least mid July 2005. I've also had a few Night Elf, Draenei, Orc, and even a Tauren Tzia.

Yet, each one, weither played on a RP Realm or not, feels different; and not just from racials. My main has Ruka, her Pridewatcher. The others have various pets with other names scattered over the known WoW-verse. My Night Elves are always a touch timid, the tauren charged into everything, bull-like to the core, my draenei were always drawn to water. The orc? Just a bit stubborn, but drawn, if I remember correctly, to the wolves of Mulgore.

I always feel most at home playing my main hunter with Ruka next to her. The pet in part makes it home, and any time I play a Tzia, it feels weird to look down and not see Ruka next to her. Yet I wouldn't dream of taming just any old cat and naming it Ruka. Ruka is unique, different, and is only the troll's companion.

The other Tzia's, scattered from 12-55, are almost empty shells, without their stories or personalities told. I haven't played them enough to decide who they are individually. They do share a name, but that is all they share. Each will develop their own personality. I don't believe in cookie cutter of much of anything (even spec). The slightly sarcastic, raised by orcs, fiercely proud of Orgrimmar and the Horde doesn't come through on anyone except the troll. That IS her in-game persona. And even though I am Horde First, and the character gets that from me I can be comfortable enough in an alliance skin to play.

So does this mean that my troll has a soul? I think it does. She is my favorite character after all. The one I've put the most time into. So, it would stand to reason that she is unique, her personality fully developed, and a glimmer of a spark that could be called a soul exists somewhere inside.


  1. I think you're right. There is a soul in characters that we play; at least that's my experience. My Night Elf main, Rikaku, is far different than her NE fellows; She's brash, aggressive, quick to attack. She's never wanted to hide in the shadows with her Nightsaber, she's out there attacking with a Spirit Beast. but my draenei, will only use Raptor's, something that my Night Elf will never use.

    I think it's because deep down, when you first choose your character (or maybe once you realize what each class is capable of and/or race) you choose the one that is most like you, and that's what leads to such a close relationship.

  2. Hello, just wanted to add that I definitly agree with you. I think we add a little bit of ourselves in our characters which in turn gives them the spark of creation.

    thanks for the post