Just Five More to Go

Yep, you heard me. Tzia has five more levels to go. And yet, I'm looking forward more to cold weather flying, the chance to hunt down Loque'nahak, a level 77 bow, and hopefully having enough scales to make myself some Dragonstompers.

For me its the journey to the end that I find more appealing than a mad-cap dash to a level, just to say "I'm HERE... now who ate my cake?!" Since that seems to be what I hear from some of the other bloggers out there. I'm at 75, with cold weather flying, a ton of leather working, and some icy dragon scale on horizon. I'd better get back to it, I guess. After all, only five more levels to go!

I also brought over my level 66 paladin, so now all my high level horde characters are in one place. I'm happy, I'm enjoying my guild mates, and we ran Nexxus tonight. I had a blast, didn't trip over my feet, and Niqo even let me skin what I could. I think she understood I need the leather to try and keep my leather working on par and not have to play massive catch up, as I did when TBC came out.

Now? Back to my kitty, shooting large dragon-like creatures and getting scales. See ya!


  1. *grins* I figure you needed the leather more than me, seeing as my skinning/LW is maxed and I've just been selling it for gold. If we're ever doing something together again and I start skinning (as it's now second nature to me :P ), just give me a poke and I'll stop. ;)

  2. Tell us what you want to run and we'll get you through it. Did you already do the quests for Nexxus? We can run it again and get you those quests if that will help.

  3. oh sure. :p You drag me to Deathwing, then abandon me there.... I see how ya are.

  4. Dae, if I wanted to abandon you... I'd delete the other 6 or so characters on Deathwing. They haven't been deleted... yet. :p