Kes? We had 300!

Well, I spent about an hour and a half in line waiting on getting my game. Gamestop's card readers went down after about 50 people, so it was cash or wait for them to call the company get a verification and then go. I'm grateful to my pet Boomchicken who came with us to Gamestop... he paid for both The Guy and I's games, since he had the cash on him while The Guy would have had to wade over to a Bank of America ATM. We stayed in line.

So, we got our games and got back on the road. Three hundred insane people from the area. So many servers. And I got plonked in line next to another person that played a hunter main. We chatted about various raid issues (no salvation anyone?), pets going nutty in Kara, and the issue of not having good tanks.

We were also mildly amused by the fact that a security guard had walked out and yelled up and down the line... if we were rowdy we would be tossed out of line without our game. I chuckled slightly and our Boomchicken yelled, "You go Blue!"

Its South Dakota in a line of gamers waiting on a midnight release of the most popular MMO in the history of MMOs... rowdy would be an argument breaking out about whether or not Paladins are OP at the moment, and half the line going one way with the other half going the other. I can kill a paladin right now if I really, really work at it... so far as I'm aware that means balanced. ^_^

I had fun! That's for certain. I'm glad I did it and that my guy got off work at exactly 10pm last night so we could make the drive up to Rapid. Wouldn't have missed the experience if you paid me!

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  1. in my own defense, the "You muh boy Blue!" was in reference to "Blue" Polaski from Old School since the old guy looked *just* like him, not to mention, kinda sounded like him too.