Tzia of Quel'dorei... Wait, I mean Deathwing!

As I write this Tzia is currently being whisked off QD and put on Deathwing. The reason Tzia is moving from an PvE realm to an PvP realm are many and slightly confusing... since I once swore I'd never move my main back to a PvP realm (that and I couldn't at the time)!

Tzia has gone through a pretty long road to get to where she is today. My only 70 to date, originally had the name Venari on Deathwing. I rolled her after watching The Guy play his hunter, which was soon after we got married in July of 2005. I thought pets looked completely cool, and so The Guy allowed me to borrow his account and create my own little hunter to play.

I immediately tried to roll an alliance hunter (night elf to be exact) and the game chirped at me: You cannot have both a Horde and an Alliance Character on the same PvP server.

I paused, blinked, and looked over at the horde list then... Cow... um nooo. Orc? Eww. Troll? Hmm... Okay then, Troll it was. I sat there and poked at looks, tuning and tweaking until I got something I liked... smallest tusks, kindest face, blue, blue and did I mention blue? Now, what to name... hmm what to name? Off to my favorite Latin Word site it was! I wanted to know what Hunter was in Latin. Turns out Hunter is Venari. It wasn't taken, and boom, Venari was born.

I spent time off and on, because The Guy and I were leveling on one account, and sharing one computer too. We couldn't play together, but I had been introduced by someone kind to the Blizzard Hunter Forums. I read everything I could get my hands on when I wasn't playing, because I had a laptop that couldn't handle WoW, but it handled the forums! I also found Petopia.

I was about level 9 when I found Petopia, and was introduced to all the pets. I think my response was quite litterally, "Oooh! KITTY!!!" when I found my purple baby, Ruka.

I planned for Ruka at level 9. Figuring I would get to level 60 eventually. It took me about a year to get there, leveling and dying as I went through the particular hell that is a PvP server. I got sick of it one night in Febuary of 2007, and wandered off to try out a recomended PvE realm called Quel'dorei.

Let's just say I had a complete and total blast on QD, and talked The Guy over to the realm when he got back from his roadtrip from Oregon to South Dakota and then back from South Dakota to Oregon... fun! He rolled a new hunter and started playing with me. We formed our own guild after finding nothing but immaturity and a rampant lack of knowledge... hey it was a recomended server. I think we stole about 6 - 8 guildies from the guild we were leaving and then formed Chens Champions after a debate on names that lasted at least two days.

The Guy took guild lead, I took co-founder, and his brother took another co-founder position. Then we started recruiting, after having hashed out our guild ranking system : Guild Lead, Co-Founder, Officer, Officer Alt, Honor Guard, Member, Recruit. There was really no diffrence between Guild Lead and Co-Founder or Officer and Officer Alt, so we basically had a five rank system, with recruit being our two week trial period, check the guild out while we check you out.

The guild had a few rocky periods as we ironed out our leadership skills and got a great group of people together that we enjoyed working and talking with. This guild lasted for a year, I running around on a paladin named Dione, because Tzia was still back on Deathwing. I had rolled a paladin because, at the time, we didn't have a ton of healers. I missed my hunter though, and after doing a bit of checking I leveled her to 60, grabbed Ruka, and brought her over and changed her name to Tzia.

I leveled from 60 to 70 on Quel'dorei and then started running with Silvermoon Tradesmen and began raiding. After a falling out between me and SMT on Loyalty Before Loot (which ironically enough is the name of the guild the person I had the altercation with is in). I quit raiding on Tzia after that. She stands in mostly Kara epics, missing the legs,the bow and a helm. I really wanted that bow! Saw it once, lost it to the other hunter I was running with... How many hunters can say they went from Valanos to Sunfury though? ^_^

I was leading Chens Champions at the time, The Guy was on a WoW Break, and I basically passed down a Do Not Associate rule to my guildies over the falling out, and explained exactly why I felt it was unadvisable to run with any from that guild. My guildies knew I didn't make such a decision lightly and agreed with it, or at least didn't tell me they were running with SMT if they did...

Then one of my officers came back from hiatus, and started talking to SMT, thought I'd been over-reacting, (though he understood exactly why I didn't want to associate with SMT - call a woman a word that will get you kicked in the head by any male relative... begins with a C.... and you wonder why I quit raiding with them?!). The officer tried to patch up things, but I would have none of it... I'm stuborn that way, the bridge had burned and that ship had sailed.

My best officer, which I considered that mage, left us for SMT. I wished him luck, but warned him that if they could disrespect an "outsider" not to expect respect in their ranks, or to realize just how valuable a person he was. Soon after that Chens fell apart and we reformed under the name Damage May Vary. I let Tzia sit and rolled a warrior.

Warrior got to about level 35. I started playing Yazmin because my cousin had mentioned he was playing alliance on Echo Isles, and since I wanted to raid again, I burned a hunter to 60. Then he transfered. I went back to QD. I got bored, I let the account lapse.

Now its September, and I'm moving Tzia back to Deathwing. Why? Nobody but The Guy's Friends are there, they are willing to come bail me out of trouble if I get into it, and Wrath is coming up soon... they want to raid, I want to raid. Tzia is my best geared character. She's moved.

Goodbye Quel'dorei, I guess welcome back to Deathwing Tzia... its probably going to be your home for a while... Let's go visit the old stomping grounds, eh? See if Rak'shiri is prowling around up in Winterspring?

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