Non-Combat Pets

I know we all have our favorite pets as hunters. What about the rest of the WoW Populous? Those cute little mini, non-combat, vanity pets? I wonder, what is your favorite one or ones for that matter?

I have a number of various vanity pets spread out over four diffrent characters. The entire list includes :Tree Frog Box, Elekk Training Collar, White Kitten, Worg Carrier, A Jubling's Tiny Home, Siamese, Miniwing, Turtle Box, Red Moth, Green Wing Macaw, Sprite Darter, Orange Tabby, Farm Chicken, Spirit of Competition, Mechanical Yeti, Smolderweb Carrier, Silver Tabby.

My favorite pet has to be the Wolpertinger. I mean, who wouldn't love a vampiric jackalope with wings? Not to mention that cute little cooing sound they make? I have him on (QD)Tzia. I will be getting one on (MG)Tzia when the festival rolls around again (that is if the pet is available)! He was my raiding pet, literally just hopping along behind me while I was killing things in Kara, or doing any of the heroic five mans. We didn't need to be drunk... most of the time we were just so darn giddy from killing things that he was a great little addition to the fun.

I do also have a memento mori pet. (QD)Tzia has a little silver tabby that follows her around everywhere. I picked up the Silver Tabby shortly after my cat Miss Mouser passed away. She was a silver tabby, so I figured it would be a fitting tribute, and a way to always have her with me in game.

So, I ask again, what is your favorite Non-combat pet?

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  1. I love the wolpertinger but I didn't even realize that they make that cooing sound! Now I'm going to have to pull him out the next time I'm playing.