Why a Hunter

This post is in reference to the Aspect of the Hare post of today...

I know exactly how she feels. Without my pet, I'm partially freaking out, worrying I'm going to get squashed by something higher up, or just plain bigger than I am. Taming Humar was one of those... um... eek? moments. Tall Striders can look scary if you accidentally run into one without your pet next to you, and its the middle of the night and you are in foreign territory. Wing clip and raptor striking it to death is beside the point. Once I had Humar- now Japhrimel for Yazmin- I had her switch back to Xavi the boar and continued questing.

I grabbed Japh for Yaz because I have never before had the black male lion as a pet. It was an opertunistic grab, so I went for it, and I am very happy with my choice. Japhrimel comes from a book series I might have mentioned before by Lilith Saintcrow. Japh in the book is a demon with black silky hair and glowing reactive-green eyes. Sounds like my lion to me! I know that there will be TONS of Humar clones running around Shatt when I get to that point in the game - heck I see 1-4 every time I'm in Stormwind checking the AH, but I like the look of the cat; therefore I'm going to keep it!

Tzia has Ruka, a Frostsaber Pridewatcher out of Winterspring as her main pet. Ruka and BRK's Hobbes apparently look alike, and Ruka tells me she is honored to be from the same mold that Hobbes is in, and is trying to learn from the great cat's footprints. I picked up Ruka before I began reading BRK frequently. I was a MM hunter for leveling but loved the look of the Pridewatcher and had ear-marked the pet for Tzia when she was still just a level 10.

I love the looks of both of my cats. But then, I have two little furry friends in real life - Melody, the silver tabby; and Harmony, the black ball of fluff with yellow eyes. Pets are a large part of the hunter class, in real life? The pets are a big part of it. I love it when Harmony wants to chase toy mice up and down the hall, or when Melody walks over and flops down for a belly rub, or crawls up on my husband's moniter to regally stare down at us before dozing in the heat from the moniter.


  1. Ironically IRL I hate birds. I dont loathe them to be on Earth...but I just dont want them near me. I think its the fluttering thing...the wings are so crazy...you dont know where that bird will be the next second! Perhaps one too many horror movies as a child too...

    Yet now my main hunter has an owl...and I quite enjoy him.

  2. Glad to know my post has inspired posts on other blogs =)