Pop ups and Spam-me-not

I found a pop window up sitting on my computer task bar this morning after I finished typing my quote of the day in. After having read several unfortunate instances of hacking, I am letting my virus scan completely run, and then piggybacking Ad-Aware - 107 days of old deffinintions? Oops! Correcting that right now - and Spybot S&D, which is also probably out of date! >.< Anyways, this leads me to my daily post...

I wonder how many people remember last year about this time in WoW. Tzia would have still been on another server- pvp at that, and I don't think Quel'dorei would have been up just yet. Either way, I remember the sheer volume of SPAM I kept getting from random level 1 characters whispering me about once every minute - if I was lucky it was once every two - just to see if I wanted to buy gold, and my mail box was full of the junk as well. Deathwing how I do not miss thee!

I remember dealing with it calmly for a day or two, simply because I knew I wasn't the only one, my husband was getting a ton of it, as was his best friend, who was running Scholo with his brother to farm for money for his epic flying mount - I think it was the epic flying mount.

Then I got lucky enough to get Tzia into an instance - I want to say ZF at the time... yeah, a year ago Tzia was barely in her late 40s... scary eh? But, I got her in, and was running along killing things quite happily - then I got hit with about 7 spam tells about WoW gold all at the same time, and missed a pretty important notation about not clicking Bly due to it. Needless to say I wiped the group... oops.

Luckily the group leader was pretty cool about it, and suggested I get a mod called spam-me-not. I said okay, jotted down the name of the mod for later review and we tried again, successfully killing Bly and crew and getting me a shiny blue ring.

Side note: I want that on Yaz!!

After the run disbanded I got off my computer, walked down the hall to the present day computer room, knocked, and stuck my head in, to talk to my husband's best friend and ask about the mod I had just heard about. Lucky for me, computer geek best friend to husband - GIDustin - had heard of the mod, and had tested it out. He backed up the suggestion on my getting it, confirmed I could find it at curse and that it was "safe" for me to download and install on my at-the-time shiny, new, pretty, pink computer! (What can I say, I'm a girl?)

Side note 2: I might also add, Dusty put together my computer, all I told him was, Pink. Can run WoW and Half-Life2. Okay? Good!

I went back to my room, downloaded and installed it. It worked like a dream. When I later transfered over to Quel'dorei it needed an update, because they were dealing with the same volume of spam that Deathwing had been, just minus th mailbox portion of it. I was blissfully silent after that Spam-me-not update, and even today, running through a town, I will sometimes see Spam-me-not chirp at me that a gold spammer has been blocked - a single line of text is better than a paragraph!

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  1. I haven't been spammed in ages. Do you still to this day have the mod installed? If you uninstalled it and were on my server I could hopefully assure you the spam wouldn't appear...but perhaps you attract the spammers! *gasp* Kidding of course.

    I used to get spammed a lot but for whatever reason never sought a mod to help with that (didnt know one existed). I used to have a nice long blocked list but in the end I made a spit/doom/etc macro that I'd hit in response to any gold farmer that spammed me. Which of course was as many lines as Blizzard allows. So my window would show me stating "Go to hell gold farming loser" a billion times over.

    I didn't get many tells after I did that for a month or so. I wonder if they noted my name? Who knows how those places work.

    Regardless, I definately don't miss it. I only got the gold male in-game a few times though. Perhaps I'm just one of the lucky few to either annoy them to death or just avoid them all together somehow.