Hunter Survives It All

Aspect of the Hare had an amusing post yesterday, and something pretty similar happened to me as well. I was on Yazmin, and looking to run something, since I couldn't find jack on Tzia yesterday. So, I joined the LFG channel, with ZF as my dungeon of choice. Caught a message of "Tank and Healer looking for 3More", so I said I'd go, we apparently attracted a mage, and I suggested my guild leader while he was on his rogue. We ran it, almost wiped once, lost the mage, subbed in a warlock and just had fun.

While we still had the mage a 3 pull turned into a 6 pull due to a 3 mob pat landing on us. I know my comment to the group was quite simply, "Oh shit, 3 inc!" And it was.

The mage did a reactionary Frost Nova, for which I am still grateful for. That slowed everything down, and I sent my boar after the lizard that had been part of the three pull, and threw down a trap, which froze another, taking the 6 pull down to 4. We managed to kill one as the mage died, then we lost the healer as my trap broke and the lizard died.

We lost my guild leader in there somewhere as well, and it got to the point of the warrior cutting and running, to try and draw stuff off me and the healer... who had already died. We were down to three things, me focusing on one with the boar, the other two chasing the warrior. I think the warrior either A: made it out, or B: just got really lucky because the two things came back to me right as I was killing the third thing, avoiding flame totems and trying to deal with two things landing on me at the same time.

Most of the last two were a blur of flying fingers, button mashing, and re-directing my pet a few times. But, when it was all done, I was oom, the boar was gasping for breath and bleeding all over the place, but everything we'd pulled was dead.

I looked down at the chat log as I sat to drink and saw, "Heal Yaz first, then rez us." from the warrior. I chirped back that I was fine and everything was dead... that was a good feeling... hunter took on 6 and survived. :D

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